Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Show me your rings (part 1)

Inspired by a series of posts called 'Show Me Your Rings' over at Gem Gossip, I remembered a photo I took a while ago of my own collection.

I crammed as many rings as I could manage one hand, only to discover I have so many I couldn't even fit them all on.  And these are only the 'small' ones... so stay tuned for part 2 (and possibly 3).

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Church of Adornment online store goes live

It's alive! Finally! My very own jewellery store, that is. 

Two years ago I enrolled in a night course to make silver jewellery, purely with the intention of making myself one piece. From that moment, hunched over a jeweller's peg in a high school classroom, something changed. I discovered that not only do I love making jewellery, but apparently I have some talent for it. 

This is just a small beginning, but it's something. And I hope it will lead to bigger things, more opportunities to bring beauty into the world.  Because that's what creating is about, ultimately.  So here it is: the Church of Adornment store on MadeIt.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jewellery renovation: the Renata necklace

I recently purchased 2 bracelets on sale with the intention of pulling them apart and turning them into a necklace.  The beads look like they're just a synthetic resin over a shell-look background, but in lovely bright pink and purple tones.

The bracelets were not making the best use of the beads.  I found the teardrop shapes unflattering with the points alternating, and the design made them look cheap.  They were threaded on elastic strings and closed with a basic knot, so they were easy to dismantle.

The first thing I did was to organise the beads in order of colour and size, as some were slightly thicker than others and some had more intense colours, or more of one colour than the other.  I arranged them in a graduated curve ready for assembly into a necklace.

I then spent what was probably a couple of hours pairing them with different coloured spacer beads, trying different layouts, and trying to come up with a pleasing, balanced design.  I strung the beads on tiger tail wire and placed crimping beads in a couple of different places to ensure strength.

I'm quite pleased with the end result, and I think it's a vast improvement on the original bracelets.  I call it the Renata necklace.  Renata is a name with Latin origins and means 'reborn'.